Online services

One organisation account

SACAT recommends organisations create an Online services account with SACAT. SACAT online services offers organisations an easy way to manage and track all applications made to SACAT through a centralised account, regardless of who submitted each individual application.

Benefits of creating an organisation account with SACAT:

  • one account with SACAT; shared within your organisation
  • view and track every application made by your organisation within the one account
  • staff movements will not impact your organisation’s oversight of applications with SACAT.

Before creating an account

Consider using a single email account. SACAT recommend using a reception or commonly available email address for your organisation.

SACAT will send all notices of hearings, orders, and other correspondence to this email address.

Like the benefit of creating one Online Services account, by using one email account, staff movements will not impact an organisation’s management of SACAT communications.

Register with SACAT online services to create an organisational account today.