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Online application form

Changes to how you access the form
We are changing how you access the online application form. You will still use the current links, but you will be taken to a page which will outline the necessary documentation and fees (if applicable) which must accompany your application. Providing the right documentation and fees is extremely important as in most instances your application will not be listed without this being supplied.

You can start your online application by clicking on an icon at the bottom of the new page.

The change is scheduled for Friday 13 November 2015.


SACAT Chat focus group actions


Date added




3 Nov 2015 Generic information sessions
  • 2 general sessions to be scheduled annually - COMPLETED
  • Will be added to events page once dates are determined - COMPLETED
9 Nov 2015
3 Nov 2015 On-site training
  • We are currently investigating the use of our online event booking service to manage a set number of booking slots throughout the year - COMPLETED
9 Nov 2015
3 Nov 2015 Stakeholder meetings
  • We will hold a stakeholder networking meeting twice a year (SACAT user & manager invited to attend). The first meeting will be scheduled in February 2016 - COMPLETED.
  • Consultation meetings with stakeholders (how & when) are currently under consideration. 
10 Nov 2015
3 Nov 2015 Improving our networks
  • We will ask the SACAT "super-users" to provide us with suitably interested people to act as a point of contact for us.
  • We will contact the Chief Executives of the Local Health Networks and the Clinical Directors in Mental Health, requesting for a contact from each section.
3 Nov 2015
3 Nov 2015

Website -fact sheets

  • Fact sheets can be found here.
  • More fact sheets will be added where gaps in information exist and there is a demonstrated need.
3 Nov 2015
3 Nov 2015 Website - updates
  • Several areas were identified by the focus groups as needing additional information. This will be reviewed and where required, updated.
3 Nov 2015
3 Nov 2015 SACAT-news
  • A summary of latest information/feedback will be added to the top of the SACAT-news.
  • Changes to the online application will also be communicated through SACAT-news.
3 Nov 2015