Public health at SACAT

Coronavirus information update

We understand that current circumstances are creating challenges for all organisations.  SACAT is carefully monitoring the official public health advice in order to provide a safe environment for all participants at SACAT.

Based on the Workforce Considerations for the South Australian Public Sector document released by the Commissioner for Public Employment, SACAT will maintain ‘business as usual’ for as long as circumstances permit but is planning a ‘phased’ approach to implementing alternative operating arrangements to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its members, employees and users. As a result, interim measures are being introduced to prevent and minimise the spread of COVID-19.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic reception is currently closed for face-to-face services. If you have documents to submit, please email the documents to For phone payments and assistance lodging on applications, please call 1800 723 767 and SACAT staff will assist over the telephone.

Until further notice SACAT will:

  • Suspend all offsite hearings and visits
  • The requirement for physical attendance at hearings will be suspended and the majority of hearings will be conducted by video conference or telephone. In a small number of cases, only in accordance with public health information and if social distancing is available, SACAT may determine that it will be preferable for there to be physical attendance at SACAT.
  • Matters that can be deferred will be identified and stakeholders will be contacted about relevant cases.
  • All non-essential meetings, presentations or training will either be held by video conference or telephone or deferred, as appropriate.

SACAT is taking these measures to support the public effort to prioritise the health, safety and welfare of the community of South Australia.  We will provide regular updates as circumstances change.

Last updated 1/4/2020

如果您在过去 14 天内从海外返回,或者您与已知冠状病毒病例有接触,请离开大楼,然后立即拨打 1800 723 767 与法庭联系。

rú guǒ nín zài guò qù 14 tiān nèi cóng hǎi wài fǎn huí , huò zhě nín yǔ yǐ zhī guàn zhuàng bìng dú bìng lì yǒu jiē chù , qǐng lí kāi dà lóu , rán hòu lì jí bō dǎ 1800 723 767 yǔ fǎ tíng lián xì 。

당신은 지난 14 일 이내에 해외에서 귀국한 경우, 또는 당신은 코로나 바이러스의 알려진 경우와 접촉 한 경우, 건물을 종료한 다음 즉시 재판소에 문의하시기 바랍니다 1800 723 767.

Se sei tornato dall'estero negli ultimi 14 giorni, o sei stato in contatto con un caso noto di coronavirus, si prega di uscire dall'edificio e quindi contattare il Tribunale immediatamente il 1800 723 767.

اگر شما از خارج از کشور در 14 روز گذشته بازگشت ، و یا شما در تماس با یک مورد شناخته شده از کورواهویروس ، لطفا خروج از ساختمان و سپس تماس با دادگاه بلافاصله در ۱۸۰۰ ۷۲۳ ۷۶۷.