The South Australian and Civil Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) helps people in South Australia resolve issues within specific areas of law – either through agreement at a conference, conciliation or mediation, or through a decision of the Tribunal at a formal hearing.

SACAT is the place to bring:

  • certain civil law disputes or applications – including housing and tenancy issues, guardianship and administration orders, mental health orders and consent to medical treatment decisions.
  • administrative law disputes or issues – including reviews of certain government decisions.

See Case types for more about what we do.

Our structure

Our organisational structure is set out in the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013.

The Tribunal is led by a President who is a Supreme Court or District Court judge and a Deputy President. They guide how the Tribunal operates, manage the business of the Tribunal and conduct hearings on certain matters and reviews.

The Tribunal registry is led by the Principal Registrar who supports the administration of the Tribunal in its day-to-day business.

About our Tribunal Members and statutory officers

Our Tribunal Members are from a range of professions and backgrounds: including lawyers, psychiatrists, people with a social welfare or nursing background, people with a public sector background and accredited mediators.

SACAT has members from non-English speaking backgrounds, those with experience and knowledge of disability, mental illness and other barriers faced by SACAT users.

Tribunal Members uphold the law and values of the Tribunal at conferences, conciliations or mediations, and formal hearings.

The Hon Justice Judy Hughes was appointed as Judge of the Supreme Court and President of SACAT on 4 July 2017.

Justice Hughes has worked in private legal practice and the Crown Solicitor’s Office, as well as policy development roles within the Attorney-General’s Department.

Between 2000 and 2006 she was Deputy Commissioner for Consumer and Business Affairs, and in that role was heavily involved in real estate reforms, industry regulation, incorporated associations and consumer law.

She returned to the Crown Solicitor’s Office in 2006 as an Executive Solicitor before being appointed Crown Solicitor in April 2017 and overseeing an office of 280 staff.

Deputy President - B Johns

Principal Registrar - A Lindsay

Senior Tribunal Members

  • M Alvino
  • J Bakas
  • C D'Arcy
  • L Gilfillan
  • A Lazarevich
  • C Lester
  • K McEvoy
  • N Rainford
  • J Rugless
  • M Stevens
  • H Ward

Dispute Resolution Coordinator and Deputy Registrars

  • D Attard, Deputy Registrar
  • M Player-Brown, Deputy Registrar, Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • S Savic, Deputy Registrar