SACAT can review many decisions made by community housing providers under the Community Housing Providers (National Law) (SA) Act 2013.

Types of decisions SACAT can review

SACAT reviews decisions made by registered community housing providers about:

  • an assessment of financial or other circumstances (including eligibility for a benefit or concession)
  • allocation of any premises or transfer to other premises
  • the state, condition, modification or improvement of premises
  • the calculation or imposition of any rent, levy, charge or subsidy (except those arising under the tenancy agreement)
  • termination of membership of a community housing provider
  • your occupation or use of premises
  • refusal of an application for membership.

SACAT does not deal with cases that do not relate to the occupation (or potential occupation) of community housing.

SACAT is required to deal with some cases under the Residential Tenancies Act rather than as a community housing review.

Registered community housing providers, cooperatives and associations

A list of community housing providers registered under National Law can be found on the National Regulatory System - Community Housing website.

If your community housing provider is not on this list, you may still have the right to apply to SACAT for a review.

Some housing cooperatives and housing associations are not yet registered under the National Law. They are still regulated under the SA Cooperative and Community Housing Act 1991.

Check the list of registered housing cooperatives and the list of registered housing associations.

If you don't know whether your housing provider meets any of the above requirements, you can contact SA Housing Authority.

SACAT may deal with applications for review of decisions by registered housing cooperatives and registered housing associations. Decisions that can be reviewed are similar to those for community housing providers (but not identical).

Contact SACAT if you require further information.

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