SACAT can review certain decisions made under the Supported Residential Facilities Act 1992.

Types of decisions SACAT can review

SACAT can review the following decisions made by the licensing authority:

  • granting a licence to the proprietor of a Supported Residential Facility
  • refusing to grant a licence to the proprietor of a Supported Residential Facility
  • imposing conditions on a licence to operate a Supported Residential Facility
  • renewing or not renewing a licence to operate a Supported Residential Facility
  • determining a dispute between a resident of a Supported Residential Facility and the proprietor of the facility
  • determining an objection by a resident to a decision of the proprietor to terminate their contract
  • determining an application by a resident that the proprietor has failed to comply with the terms of their contract
  • issuing a default notice for failure to:
    • comply with the Act
    • administer the facility in accordance with the principles in the Act
    • comply with a condition of the licence
    • correct irregularities or difficulties which have occurred in the management of the facility, or the care of any resident.

SACAT can also resolve disputes that arise between parties in relation to any act of an Administrator appointed to administer a facility where the registered proprietor has had their licence cancelled.

Applying for a review

Generally, an application for review of a decision must be lodged within

  • 28 days of receiving notice of the decision
  • 14 days of receiving a default notice

Before applying to SACAT for a review you must:

  • have a copy of the decision which you want to challenge – you should include this with your application
  • ensure you are ready to pay the required fee for making an application.

1. Start an online application

2. In the keyword field type the words ‘supported residential’ as shown below.

3. Scroll down to select the correct application type as per step 3. If you are not sure you have selected the correct application type, you can hover over the ‘question mark’ on the right-hand side to see a brief description.

4. Attach a copy of the decision you are seeking to review. You can do this by either:

  • uploading a copy of the decision with your online application
  • emailing the decision to us at
  • post the decision to us at GPO Box 2361 Adelaide SA 5001.

You will need to quote your tracking code or file number when sending any correspondence to SACAT.

There is a filing fee applicable for this type of application.

Payment can be made online by credit card at the time of completing the online form, or by using one of the other options outlined in the payment section of the application form.

Current fees and information about payment methods and fee waiver options

I need more help

If you have further questions call SACAT on 1800 723 767 (menu option 4 then option 5 - for reviews of government decisions).

A staff member from SACAT can also help you complete your application over the phone.

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