An application for an administration order can be made by:

  • the person who the application is about
  • the Public Advocate
  • a guardian of the person
  • a substitute decision maker for the person under an advance care directive
  • a 'person responsible' as defined in the Guardianship and Administration Act 1993
  • any person who can satisfy SACAT that they have a proper interest in the welfare of the person who the application is about.

Evidence to provide

As the applicant you are responsible for providing evidence to support your application. This should include

  • medical and professional evidence (in the form of a report) about the person’s mental impairment/illness and capacity to make their own decisions
  • any information or documentation about any risks to the person
  • an ACAT Assessment Report
  • any documents already in place, like
    • Enduring Power of Attorney
    • Enduring Power of Guardianship
    • Advance Care Directive
  • occupational therapy reports about the person’s daily living skills and financial management skills.

You can also file a written submission (2 A4 pages maximum) to support the application and explain why you believe the order is needed.

Related administration applications

An administrator can apply to SACAT at any time seeking advice, direction or approval about how to exercise their powers under an order.

These applications can be determined by SACAT without the person who may be affected by SACAT’s decision.

You should also see the Public Trustee's Private Administrator's Guide.

Administrators need to seek approval from SACAT to make payments over a certain amount.

See Approval for gifts and dealing with property for more information.

Apply to SACAT

All applications to SACAT are made online. You can use a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Apply now

You can also submit applications over the phone with the help of a community access officer.

Call 1800 723 767 during business hours.