SACAT can provide consent to medical treatment for a patient who has impaired decision-making capacity where:

  • the patient does not have an advance care directive which makes specific provision about the administration of the relevant kind of medical treatment
  • does not have a substitute decision-maker appointed under an advance care directive who is able to give consent to the relevant kind of medical treatment and
  • there is no person responsible to give consent.

If a person cannot give consent to a medical practitioner for prescribed medical treatment because of mental incapacity then consent to that treatment on behalf of the person can only be given by SACAT.

Who can apply to SACAT?

An application can be made to SACAT by:

  • a prescribed relative
  • a medical practitioner
  • a person who the Tribunal is satisfied has a proper interest in the matter.

Right to review of a SACAT decision

There is a right to Review of a SACAT decision to provide consent under part 3A of the Act.

Apply to SACAT

All applications to SACAT are made online. You can use a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Apply now

You can also submit applications over the phone with the help of a community access officer.

Call 1800 723 767 during business hours.