An application can be made to SACAT for a Level 3 Inpatient treatment order (ITO).

An application can be made in respect of a person to whom a level 1 or level 2 Inpatient treatment order applies.

What does SACAT consider?

SACAT will consider whether

  • the person has a mental illness and because of the illness, the person requires treatment either for their protection from harm or for the protection of others from harm and
  • the person has impaired decision-making capacity and
  • there is no less restrictive means than an Inpatient treatment order of ensuring appropriate treatment of the illness
  • in considering whether there are less restrictive means SACAT must consider whether the person would be able to receive appropriate treatment in the community.

SACAT does not specify what treatment a person with a mental illness is to receive where a Level 3 Inpatient Treatment Order has been made.

This is a matter for the person’s treating doctor in the community or at the approved treatment centre.

Who can apply?

An application for a Level 3 ITO can be made by

  • the Public Advocate
  • the Director of an approved treatment centre
  • an employee in an approved treatment centre authorised by the director.

SACAT also undertake internal reviews about Level 3 ITOs