If you disagree with a decision of SACAT and believe the decision is incorrect or that a different decision would be preferable, you have the right to request the decision be reviewed by a different person at SACAT.

Not all decisions can be reviewed by SACAT - the decision you receive from SACAT will state if it can be reviewed by SACAT.

Internal reviews are conducted before the President, Deputy President or other senior tribunal members and may also involve psychiatrists to help SACAT reach a decision.

SACAT cannot advise you if you should lodge an internal review - you should seek independent legal or other advice when considering your review options.

Seeking 'leave' for a review

Before an internal review can be conducted, ‘leave’ or permission for a review must first be granted by the President, Deputy President or a legal Tribunal Member.

When determining whether to grant permission, the SACAT will consider:

  • the interests of justice
  • whether there is an arguable point
  • whether the subject matter of the review has sufficient substance to justify consideration.

Applying for an internal review

Your rights for Review of a SACAT decision are set out in section 70 of the SACAT Act 2013.

For decisions that were made by the Guardianship Board and Residential Tenancies Tribunal up until their closure, you can still seek an appeal in the District Court.

For more information about SACAT's Internal Review, see our fact sheet.