Applications may be made to SACAT to terminate a tenancy on the grounds of hardship (such as changed financial circumstances).

A similar process is also available to residents and park owners / operators.

There is no equivalent provision for rooming houses.

Tenancy expiration

The landlord may apply to SACAT for possession of the property if:

  • a fixed term tenancy has expired and the landlord has provided notice that the tenancy will not be extended
  • a landlord has provided a notice terminating a periodic tenancy (Form 3 - Notice of termination by landlord) and the tenant has not vacated.

There is a similar process for ending a periodic rooming house agreement.

A park owner / operator can serve a notice of termination to end a periodic agreement or to inform the resident / site owner that the fixed term agreement will not be extended (Form C - Notice of termination - end of agreement).

A resident can also serve a notice of termination to end a periodic agreement or to inform the park owner / operator that the resident will not be remaining at the property after the expiry of a fixed term agreement (Form C (1) - Notice of termination end of agreement).

Agreement frustrated

If the landlord or tenant claims that a tenancy agreement is no longer viable (such as where a fire has destroyed a substantial part of the premises) then that person may serve a notice to the other party to end the tenancy.

In this case:

If the person who receives the notice disputes it they can make an application to SACAT for an order that the tenancy is to continue.

A similar process is available to residents and owners / operators of residential parks.

Apply to SACAT

All applications to SACAT are made online. You can use a computer, tablet or smart phone.

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You can also submit applications over the phone with the help of a community access officer.

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